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October already. Scarlet, golden, brown, and still some greens. All colors, subtle and hued, the best balm for us all. Here in the world together we are.

fall shed


Much ado around the creek this year. WIth the help and guidance of many people from federal, state and county agencies, as well as the amazing work of our contractor, the creek restoration project took place at the end of September. Slowly, the banks are greening with new grass as we approach autumn. Below are before-and-after shots next to the bridge that leads up the drive to the studio. This is just a small portion of the work that was done...





An incredible transformation, one that will help the stream to weather future floods, keep its inhabitants healthy, and continue running cool and clear. We'll keep you posted in the months to come…
And because zinnias were stars in the garden this year---still are, as of this writing---here they shine:  

compost garden




This year's Fall Art Tour is right around the bend. The studio is humming and awaiting visitors. While here, you are welcome to wander in the garden, up the hill or down by Otter Creek. Or check in to see the progress on the cabin. Bit by bit, the interior is taking shape. Safe travels and we'll see you soon! 

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Fall Art Tour 2017

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

October 20, 21, 22, 2017

Studios open 10am - 6pm daily


Fall Art Tour Facebook page

John's Fall Art Tour page

Pamela's Fall Art Tour page


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Notes from John...

As fractal mathematics becomes even more prominent in Science, ways of visualizing fractal shapes in two and three dimensional space has become a popular challenge for those who stand at the point where art and science meet. Using several open source applications, that allow the artist to enter data that modifies the traditional Mandelbrot and Julia sets of fractal formulas, allows me to create and travel through infinite rooms and caverns, choosing compositions and rendering them to two dimensions for printing.

Edgelands Vortex 6

Edgelands Vortex_6.1, John F. Walté

In these images, I attempt to pass on to the viewer what I believe is at the heart of modern concepts of the physical world and the fabric of reality:  the existence of manifold versions of our perception of what we view as NOW. How the random placement of a modifier can change the outcome of a system, like genes or memes, but in many infinite, scalable paths at once creating many co-existing Universes.

Not unlike the Alchemist's Homunculus. A little man inside the head of a little man inside the head of a little man...


PseudoKleinianMod1v.1.9.2, John F. Walté


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Notes from Pamela...

Strange year for painting and not painting. Lots of observation and wondering. The garden a challenging teacher. Much to learn in one run of the seasons. Many firsts and even more fruits. Blisters still blooming.

What to show for it all? A small selection of house paintings, a breather from the untenable abstracts. A known shape to hold the frenzy or the calm.


Pillar, oil on paper, 18x14", Pamela Callahan


Still working on the companion piece for Uberdeer. It's been a couple years now and the Ghoulplex continues to perplex. This is the place of havoc, and where Uberdeer is leaping. Right into the melee...



Ghoulplex, oil on unstretched canvas, 72x80", Pamela Callahan


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What's on View?

At the Brewery Pottery

If you're Mineral Point way, swing down Shake Rag Alley and stop in to the always warm and inviting Brewery Pottery. Some of Pamela's paintings are nestled there amidst a super selection of unique artworks, including the pottery of owners Diana and Tom Johnston.



Snarl, acrylic/gouache/ink/pencil on paper, 18x15", Pamela Callahan


Brewery Pottery
276 Shake Rag
Mineral Point, WI 53565
April-December 10-5 daily; January-March open by chance


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At the Yeti's

Passing through Stoughton? Be sure to stop in to Famous Yeti's Pizza for a bite. A couple of Pamela's paintings are hanging in the Yeti's den, a cozy, friendly place with the best pizza around!


Famous Yetis

Famous Yeti's Pizza

971 N Page St
Stoughton, WI 53589


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At Rose Metal Press

Hey readers, keep Rose Metal Press on your radar. A wonderful independent not-for-profit publisher of hybrid genres, they offer a "subscription" featuring three new publications annually - a great gift for the story lovers you know!  And super for summer reading...

Among their titles, RMP published an award-winning trio of books, their Field Guide Series (with crow cover art by yours truly). Available now both in print and in e-book form. Check them out...

Flash Fiction

Prose PoetryFlash Non Fiction


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