Art Studio
StudioThe Otter Creek Arts studio is a new structure built the year we moved here.  Simple and open.  After years of city soot and noise and commotion as constant studio mates, it’s taken awhile to settle in, to breathe life and work into such a fresh space.  Now, it’s reversed (and a definite awakening to the impact we all make):  we create more mess and din than the world outside our window.  Except maybe when the winds storm through, or the coyotes howl, or the raccoons get courting...
John F. Walté
Art by JohnJohn’s work is based in computer paint and 3D programs. Having been a commercial photographer/illustrator specializing in visual effects for 35 years, he now concentrates on fine art. Surrounded by multiple workstations, his studio also accommodates photography and small set building.
John at Computer
Red CrowPamela Callahan
Working with oil paint and drawing media on wood, paper and linen, Pamela’s imagery leaps and folds into three themes: people, birds and the landscape. None are literal. All are oxymoronic. The people are skeptically hopeful. The birds are there and not there. The landscape can’t stop staying still. Equally and continually awed by and thankful for her Wisconsin studio, it has been unofficially dubbed “the pamorama room”.
Pam in Her Studio

Otter Creek
Otter Creek